21 March 2008

Birding before work...

I made my second visit to Allestree Park in search of Mandarin this morning - once again, I drew a blank! So far I’ve only put 135 minutes of birding into chasing this scarce little duck but, I’m starting to get the feeling that it’s going to prove tricky to add this species to my “10-Mile Radius List”. If I don’t come across one at Allestree in the next week or two I may well give up on them until they return, hopefully, later in the year.

Getting out of bed at 6:00AM and then facing high winds and scattered rain showers wasn’t a total waste of time though as I did pick up a couple of new birds for my list, Lesser Redpoll and Goldcrest. In ¾hr at the park I saw a total of 25 species and heard another two.

The Lesser Redpoll was the best bird I found, the rest were common woodland or water birds. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming for a short while, and showing well, a Song Thrush was singing for just about the whole of the time I was there and two Redwing were skulking around in the woodland by the lake.

The number of species I have seen within 10 miles of home this year now stands at 73.

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