14 March 2008

If I tell you that the highlight of the week, so far, has been buying a new paper shredder you can start to get a feel for how the past five days have been for me! All that I’ve done is work, sleep and work some more... I need a good weekend.

On paper, I should have a pleasant couple of days to look forward to. I have two days off work. Lynda and I are on an RSPB birding trip tomorrow, to Thetford Forest on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. On Sunday I should be able to chase more birds for my local list. There is just one problem... the weather!

If the weather forecasts are correct I could well be getting wet at some point tomorrow, and the weather on Sunday may well mean I don’t get to do any birding at all.

The one glimmer of hope is that maybe, just maybe, the weather forecasters have got it all wrong, again, and we’ll get two dry days and lots of migrant birds moving in! I wish!

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