17 September 2008

A Dark Angel day!

It’s been “one of those days” today. One of those days when all I wanted to do was get on my bike and get away from work as quickly as possible. At 5:30PM that’s just what I did - got on my bike and rode home like a man possessed! Not only did the ride help to burn off some of the stress it also pushed my mileage over the 500-mile mark. I only started to log my cycle rides on June 13 so I’m reasonably pleased with how quickly I’ve reached 500 miles. My next target is to have ridden 1000 miles by the end of the year.

Another reason for wanting to be at home was the possibility of arriving home to find that the Dark Angel was waiting for me on the doorstep. Sure enough, when I went to check the mail she was there - the Dark Angel has arrived! For those “not in the know” Dark Angel is the latest musical offering from one of my favourite bands, The Reasoning. It was back in January that I first got word of Dark Angel whilst chatting with Matt and Dylan after the gig they played in Crewe. The talk was of a limited edition of the album that would have a bonus DVD with it. Matt was unsure about the viability of such a venture - I was trying as hard as I could to convince him it was a good idea!

Today, fans of The Reasoning have started to receive their pre-ordered limited edition CD/DVD album and I reckon that there will be some very happy people this evening! The album is a stunning piece of work! I’ve read one review already that describes the album as coming at you “like a hurricane wielding a baseball bat!!!”. I can see what they are trying to say but I think that the effect is more like a gentle summer’s breeze that suddenly attacks you with an AK47! The first album from The Reasoning, Awakening, received critical acclaim in the music press - Dark Angel is set to raise the profile of the band even higher.

The official release date for Dark Angel is October 6 but, if you’re quick, you may still be able to get your hands on the limited edition CD/DVD. I can’t guarantee that they haven’t already all gone though!

Full details at... http://www.thereasoning.com/

Whilst you’re checking the web site for details of the Dark Angel make sure you have a look at the TOUR page too - lots of live dates are just around the corner! See you there!

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