20 September 2008

Panic Room...

Hello, hello... I am your personal assistant
Above, below... I want to help with your existence
I am your clone... I will do anything you ask me
You're not alone... I am your new best friend
"Elektra City", by Panic Room.

When an evening starts with the gorgeous Anne-Marie Helder uttering those words then you know you're in for a good time! And so it turned out last night when we went to see Panic Room play at The Flowerpot, in Derby.

The band played for just under two hours and the whole set was simply superb. The opening track, Elektra City, has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it, so that was a great way to start as far as I was concerned. Another track that stood out was Apocalypstick, a stunning mix of mystical vocals and amazing musicianship from the band - maybe it's just me but there was a very strong Arabian feel to it as well! That could just be me though!

Anne-Marie Helder also played a couple of solo tracks in the middle of the set that were very well received by the, as usual, enthusiastic Flowerpot crowd. Late in the evening the band also played a song called Blood Red Sky which is a track that Anne-Marie usually plays as a solo artist. As an acoustic track it's great, played by a full electric band it's amazing.

The only minor downside to the evening was the lighting at The Flowerpot - it's great to watch a band there but it's terrible for getting photos! I did try but they weren't good at all! I did salvage one or two and they are below.

Time to go and check-up on Panic Room tour dates now!

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  1. I just checked Panic Room out on MySpace and I think they sound pretty good.