01 September 2008

Bike, camera, action...

A slightly earlier start to the day than usual this morning, coupled with waking up to a clear blue sky, meant that I had an extra bit of time to enjoy the cycle ride into work this morning. I took the long route to work, and took my camera along too.

Living and working on the edge of Derby means I don't get the most scenic of journeys but it does have the odd point of interest and quite a contrast in views.

The A6 by-pass isn't scenic but at least the road planners made provision for cyclists. I ride just over a mile of this boring piece of cycle track that is good for just two things - it increases the length of the ride and helps to push up my average speed.

A6 by-pass.

At the end of the by-pass I pass a piece of land that is, now, no longer scenic or of any real interest to me. The two rough fields used to be an area where I would regularly see and hear Yellowhammer, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Goldfinch and even, once or twice, Bullfinch. Now that the developers have moved in all that is gone.

The start of yet another business park.

Next up is the cycle path that runs alongside the River Derwent. Here the views are much greener, the traffic noise much lower, the birds more noticeable. It's also the start of Alvaston Park and the local BMX track that has just been rebuilt at a cost of around £85,ooo. Time will tell whether this was a good way to spend money to promote cycling in Derby.

River Derwent.

Alvaston BMX track.

Just a few hundred yards further along the river path and I arrive at my favourite part of the ride, Alvaston Lake. I often stop off at the lake for a short while to check on the birds there and also to just pass a little time before I have to be at work. It's a nice way to start the working day!

Alvaston Lake.

The final part of my ride takes me out of the green of Alvaston Park and into the grey of Pride Park, Derby's major business park. Here, I pass one of Derby's talking points at the moment - Pride Park Stadium, home to Derby County football club. The talking point? The amount of league games they have played without a win! It's now 36 games since The Rams last won a league match!

Pride Park Stadium.

After passing the home of The Rams I would usually be just a few turns of the wheel from work, today I took a quick de-tour to go past the local Ford dealer. No, I wasn't looking for yet another new car. I was interested to see what was going on with their latest sales promotion!

For 58 hours, 58 minutes and 58 seconds two local radio presenters have been shut in a glass case to help promote the new car "58" registration plate. When I went past them this morning they had only just started their Big Brother style lock-in but there were already a few people by the side of the road making fun of them!

The glass house.

This evening, I buried my camera at the bottom of my rucksack and came home via the shortest route possible. It was pouring with rain and I got soaked! Commuting by bike... it's great!

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  1. Once again modern developers destroy the scenic english countryside. Those photos remind me of the time 30 acres of our arboretum was sold off and turned into a shopping strip.
    I do like the bike lane though. If we had places like that here I might be a bit more willing to get back on my bike.
    Beautiful pictures of the lake and river.