31 August 2008

All's quiet...

There's been very little going on this week but, seeing as it's Sunday, I'll post a quick update anyway!

Once again I managed a full week of commuting to work on the bike this week and on Friday evening the ride home took my mileage since June 13 to over 400 miles. At the end of Bike Week 2008 (June 21) I posted a Blog here saying that I'd like to have covered 500 miles, or more, by the end of the year. I'm now changing that to 1,000 miles!

Yesterday evening Lynda and I spent the whole of the late afternoon and evening sat out in the garden reading, having a drink or two and keeping an eye out for any wildlife that may pass by. Lynda also went "walkabout" with her camera for a short while too!

By the time we finally came inside, which was well after dark, we had seen a couple of mice feeding at the bird table, numerous Lesser Black-backed Gulls going to roost, a couple of Blackbirds, a few House Sparrows that came for their supper and also a Collard Dove that came to see what we were doing.

Later in the evening a fox put in a couple of brief appearances and a bat was flying around over the gardens. The garden lights attracted quite a lot of months but I know nothing about identifying months so I didn't even try! I think that one was possibly a Hummingbird Hawk-moth though. Lynda concentrated on looking for stars and had a lot more success in identifying those.

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  1. Your garden always looks so nice. Lynda did a great job with the camera :-)
    All in all that sounds like a very nice way to spend an evening.