28 August 2008

All things musical...


Just a very quick blog to give a “shout out” to a couple of things musical!

The first is to introduce you to a new band that have just started to record their first music and go public with it. Their name is Eden’s Hill and you can find them at....


Anyone that is familiar with the bands I follow will recognise one name in the Eden’s Hill line-up, the one and only Lizzie Prendergast!

As I say, it’s early days yet but if the first four tracks are anything to go by Eden’s Hill are going to be BIG!

If you do nothing else, check out the version of “Black Is The Colour” that is on the MySpace site - it’s just awesome!

If you have a MySpace page, please add the band as friends and leave them a message.


Now onto my second “shout out” - not a new band this time, just a new track. The band is Neverland and the track is “Town With No Name”. Below is a video clip taken at "The Brewery Tap" acoustic gig that Adrian & Mick, from Neverland, did a couple of weeks ago.

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the filming as it was taken on my stills camera, and I’d also had a few beers by the time they played this song!

Again, Neverland have a MySpace page so drop by and take a look. They have some great music tracks on there too, including the superb “Stars And The Blues” - one of my all time favourite pieces of music!


Adrian Dent & Mick Doyle - Neverland acoustic.


  1. All the BEST bands are in England :-)

  2. Not just England... Wales and Scotland too!

    So... all the BEST bands are in the UK is a little more like it! :-)

  3. Yeah alright if you want to get technical about
    it:-) They really are.