15 August 2008

Two new pubs...

Last night Lynda and I went to the official opening of a new pub/restaurant, The Carnarvon in Teversal, Nottinghamshire. In keeping with the rest of the pubs that are run by the owner, it’s a great place. The Carnarvon has been totally stripped out, re-fitted and given a whole new lease of life. No doubt the restaurant will become very popular, as have the other four venues that are run by Mike Staniforth and his team.

The Carnarvon.

As I was the designated driver for the evening I stuck to the soft drinks all night, Lynda enjoyed the non-stop free wine that was on offer! The magician that was walking around doing card tricks at the tables all night met with Lynda’s approval - she is still asking how he managed to change the playing card that she had in her hand! The flower made from balloons, by a stilt walker, proved a hit with Lynda too!

The only minor problem I have with the pub is it’s location, it’s around 30 miles from home. On the plus side, it’s not too far from the M1/A38 so we can be there in a little over half an hour. I’m sure we’ll be trying the food there soon!

Today, I ticked off another year in my life - I’m 21! I am! Honest! For the first time in years I didn’t have to work on my birthday, I had decided to book the day off work last Monday. Lynda already had the day off so it meant that we could have a nice long weekend.

After an extra couple of hours in bed we got up, had a light breakfast and watched the Olympic cycling on TV - I don’t think I’ll be trying for a place at the 2012 games! By late morning our thoughts turned to food, as they often do, and I set about finding somewhere new for us to try. I came up with The Waterfront, at Barton Marina near Burton upon Trent.

The Waterfront.

The Waterfront turned out to be a little gem! Actually, quite a large gem - it’s a big pub. The building/setting is great and the food even better. My choice of calve’s liver, with bacon, on a bed of mashed potato and spinach was delicious and the Summer Pudding with clotted cream I had afterwards was equally good. Lynda tells me that her Caesar Salad, followed by Vanilla and Raisin Cheesecake was also very good, even if I did have to eat the Anchovies that topped her salad! I’d never bothered with Anchovies before, I’m NOT a big fish eater, but in small amounts I found them to be okay.

After a very enjoyable meal, a pint of beer and then a Glayva liqueur to top things off, I decided it was time for us to have a look around the rest of the marina complex before I became too settled and ordered more drinks!

Views from the walkway.

The rest of the afternoon/evening has been spent back at home just enjoying the time off work. Now, we have a bottle of wine open and, no doubt, the bottle of whisky that Lynda bought me for my birthday at the Glengoyne distillery whilst we were up in Scotland will be opened soon!

Tomorrow I may, or may not, go out birding in the morning. That one depends on how my head survives this evening.

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