10 August 2008

I'm back...

Well, I’m back - I may not make too much sense, but at least I’m here! If this is all just a little random then blame it on the beer! Today has been one of those great Sundays that just happen along every now and again.

The day started somewhat later than a normal Sunday, I rolled out of bed at just before 10:00AM. After checking my e-mails and one or two web sites Lynda and I headed off into Derby for lunch. We chose to give the Chinese buffet a go at the May Sum Restaurant; I can highly recommend it! So far as eating out goes it was cheap - £6.90 each for as much as you can eat - the choice of dishes was very good, the food was excellent, the service first class and the atmosphere was good too. At the price, you can’t ask for any more. We enjoyed it and we’ll definitely be going back.

After eating (more than) our fill at May Sum it was time for a little window shopping around Derby - just to pass the time before heading to the pub! The reason for being in town on a Sunday afternoon? Adrian Dent and Mick Doyle, of Neverland fame, were playing an acoustic gig at The Brewery Tap, a recently renovated and re-opened pub overlooking the River Derwent. It’s the first time I’ve been in the pub but it won’t be the last. It’s a great little place!

As for the gig, it was one of the best I’ve been to for a while. Hearing Adrian and Mick cover so many of the Neverland tracks just as an acoustic duo was great; the weather was on it’s best behaviour which meant that they could play outside in the “courtyard” area; the crowd packed the place and made for a great atmosphere and the beer was pretty good too! In fact, the beer was very good! I can recommend a pint or two of “Double Mash” produced by the pub's owners, Derby Brewery Company. Lynda and I had a minor debate about just how many pints I had but hey, who’s counting!

As for the music, we were treated to almost 2½ hours of Neverland tracks, a couple of cover tracks and also five new tracks that will be getting an airing at future Neverland gigs. I tried making a list of everything that was played but somehow got one or two tracks wrong/down twice - I blame the beer! The tracks that I know for certain were played include....

Elephants Can Dance
Doom Garden Jelly Fish Blues
The Talking Tree
The Ship
Town With No Name - (a new track)
Kebab No More
Cartoon Planet - (a new track)
Thirteen - (a new track)
Hey Joe - (a cover track)
Seagulls - (a new track)
Rain Like Stars And The Blues
Never Learned To Speak
Summer Time - (a cover track)
Up The Wall
Shake This Way - (a new track)
The Heartman
Hello (Tomorrow Is Here)
Gingerman - (I think that was what it was called!)
Stoned As A Wall

I also gave Lynda’s new camera a test run for the first time - the results aren’t my best ever photos but I put that down to me having never used it before - and the beer! The camera also does video clips too - again, I’m sure it works better without the “Double Mash” ale!

Adrian Dent.

Mick Doyle.

Andy (Boz) Borys.

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  1. Now I REALLY wish I was there. Great pics of Mick and Adrian. A really great pic of Boz. Don't think I've ever seen a pic of him that good before. Pretty cool how you can see right through his hand.