22 April 2009

Cetti's - by bike...

I left work in a big hurry this evening, rode like the wind on the new Cannondale all the way home, quickly grabbed my binoculars, changed to my old Claud Butler bike and then set off to ride the 3 miles to the site of the Derbyshire Cetti’s Warblers. Less than half a mile from home and I was cursing the old bike again - the gears were skipping badly once more. Jumping back on the old bike again made me realise just how good the new one is! Still, the route to the river Derwent is far from smooth so there really wasn’t any other option, apart from walking. I rode on and continued to curse under my breath.

Almost before I stopped the bike by the river I heard a Cetti’s calling, I had species number 122 for my “10-Mile List”. As I got off the bike I heard another, more unwelcome, sound. It was, yet again, the dreaded “hissssss”! I’d picked up a rear wheel puncture. Maybe it was the bike’s way of paying me back for relegating it to second best? Luckily, I had all I needed to fix the tyre in my rucksack and did so whilst listening to the two Cetti’s singing from across the river.

In the ¾ hour I spent by the river the Cetti’s never showed but I wasn’t really expecting them to. A “heard only” tick is good enough for me on this occasion. If the birds stay around a while longer I may try again to see them but next time I’ll talk nicely to the bike on the way there!

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