21 April 2009

The new Bad Boy...

After all the stress of last week I was more than happy when the weekend arrived, even though I did have to work on Saturday morning. Normally, after a bad week at work, I look forward to getting away from phones, computers, cars and people and I head off birding, that wasn’t going to be enough last weekend. I needed something more. I needed retail therapy!

Now, me and shopping are not the best of friends. Never have been, never will be. The only time I feel as though I’m even close to enjoying shopping is if there are “boy’s toys” involved. A quick phone call on Saturday morning and I was all set for a shopping trip that I knew would be right up my street. I was going to treat myself to a new bike!

The idea of a new bike has been running around in my head for months now but I kept talking myself out of it for various reasons. I wasn’t sure if I wanted/needed a mountain bike, a pure road bike or a hybrid. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to pension off my trusty old Claud Butler either - we’ve been together a long time you know! A couple of problematic rides on the old bike, combined with a bad week at work, finally made up my mind. I WAS going to treat myself!

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the new Bad Boy! A Cannondale Bad Boy to be precise, and its a none too shabby little cruiser.

Cannondale Bad Boy.

I wasn’t sure about the colour at first, it’s a semi matt black finish, but at the price I couldn’t let that put me off. As it’s a 2008 model the price had been dropped from £450 to £399. When it came to paying for the bike in the shop both myself and the sales staff got a bit of a shock as the computer price was set incorrectly. After much button pressing on the PC, a calculator and two other PC’s I finished up paying the grand total of £279! I came away feeling as though I’d just robbed them in broad daylight - not that I’m complaining!

So far I’ve covered almost 35 miles on the Cannondale and it feels pretty good. The higher gearing, narrower wheels and almost slick tyres mean that the bike is quicker on the road than the old one but I’ll now have to avoid some of the rougher routes that I used to ride occasionally. Like any form of transport you have to make compromises at times I guess.

One neat little trick I do like about the colour of the bike is the material used for the frame decals, it's light reflective. In normal light the decals appear to be a satin black colour. Add an extra light source, such as car headlights, and they light up a very bright silvery-white colour.

Natural light...

... with "flash light".

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  1. That's a really cool bike. So did you trade the old one in or are you going to donate it to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a bike? I know how you feel about the price you paid. I recently discovered my Courbette saddle was origionally $1,000.00 and I bought it very slightly used for $250.00. It's the Mercedes of saddles. Enjoy your new toy;-)