22 July 2007

Count down to Alba!

Well, so much for me watching what I eat! I was at the gym again this morning - I was there just before 9:00AM, on a Sunday! - and I checked up on my B.M.I. and body fat again and it wasn’t good!

My B.M.I. has risen, slightly, from 23.4 to 23.5, which I can cope with. My body fat has risen from 21.6% to 25.2%! That I am not so happy about! If I’m honest, I didn’t do too well on keeping away from the chocolate and crisps over the past week and now it has come back to haunt me. This week, I will try harder - only problem is, on Friday we head up to Scotland for just over a week. By early afternoon on Friday, I should have already tasted my first tray of chips and deep-fried Haggis. Not the sort of food to lower your body fat!

So, onto Scotland. We’ll arrive at Loch Lomond around lunchtime on Friday, in plenty of time for the Loch Lomond Festival, which starts later that afternoon. How much of the festival we see on Friday depends on the weather, we may just have a meal and a few drinks at the inn we’re staying at! On Saturday, we should get to see two Albannach gigs - one during the day and then another at the Tullie Inn in the evening.

Next on the list is the World Highland Games at Callander on Sunday. We attended these games for the first time last year and really enjoyed them, so we’re there again this year and looking forward to another great day - fingers crossed for the weather. After the games on Sunday my plan, at the moment, is to head straight back to the Loch Lomond Festival to see The Raggle Taggle Gypsies play. I’ve never seen this band before but from the little bit of their music I’ve heard, via the internet, they should prove to be well worth seeing.

From Monday onwards we’ll be taking things as they come. Trips to Glasgow, Stirling Castle, and a whisky distillery or two are on the list but it will just be a case of taking time to enjoy being away from work, home and the usual routine.

Now a word of warning… I went shopping yesterday (something I hate) and came back with two new sets of batteries and a 1GB memory card for my camera! Be ready for rather a lot of photos from Scotland when we return! You have been warned!

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