08 July 2007

So much for me saying that the gym was a priority and that I would be there last Tuesday evening, I didn’t get a workout until Saturday morning in the end! I packed my gym bag on Tuesday morning, put it in the car and was all set for a good workout in the evening, by early afternoon I had an evil headache and generally felt yuck! I still didn’t feel too good by Thursday, the day I would normally be at the gym, so no workout again then and on Friday, I decided that I might as well wait until Saturday morning for a gym visit.

When I did finally make it through the door of the gym I managed a good mix of cardio and fixed weights and came away feeling as though I had put in a good effort. Whilst there I also used the all singing, all dancing scales/B.M.I/body fat machine that they have. The results came as a bit of a surprise!

Weight - 11st 7lb (as I expected).
Height - 5ft 9½. (I’m not getting any taller!)
B.M.I (body mass index) - 23.4 (just about ideal)
Body fat - 21.6% (between good and excellent!)

I was expecting a lot worse on the body fat but it could still be better. I now plan to try to reduce that figure by watching what I eat a little more. If you see me with a chocolate bar… take it off me!

For the second day running, we had no rain today - in fact, it actually felt like summer! So much so that I was out of bed by 6:00AM, had a light breakfast, checked the bike over and then went for a ride around South Derbyshire! I covered something like 25 miles in just under an hour and three quarters and was back home by 8:20AM! I thought is was great - Lynda didn’t! I’d left my house key behind and, seeing as she was still asleep when I got home, I had to wake her up so I could get back in the house!

Cycle route 66 - just around the corner from home!

The ride itself was one of the best I’ve had. I didn’t see a single person in the first 45 minuets of the ride, the weather was great - nice and sunny but not too warm - and the scenery was gorgeous. The only minor set back was one of the cycle paths being almost completely blocked by a fallen tree. Even that didn’t cause too much of a problem as other cyclists, or walkers, had made a small pathway through the branches.

The blocked cycle path!

Breedon church.

The view from the church.

The rest of the morning was spent catching up on jobs outside. I’ve washed the car, mown the lawns and cut back a lot of the overgrown shrubs in the garden and all before lunch, when I came inside to watch the British F1 Grand Prix!

A tidy garden again!

Now, Lewis Hamilton. Is he going to be the next F1 super star? Some would say he already is. I’m still not quite sure. Yes, he’s had a superb start to his career and has finished in the top three in all nine of this season's races, so he can quite clearly drive, but is he really that much better than the rest or is he just a very good driver in the best car? Only time will tell. This country certainly needs someone that is capable of winning championships again that’s for sure!

As for this season - I’m not writing off Ferrari, or either of their two drivers, just yet!

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  1. Wow, Rich. Your garden looks so beautiful. All my flowers died:-( My tomato plants are thriving though and even though they were planted late in the season thy have nice blooms on them.