26 July 2007

It's all about timing!

Perfect timing meant I was able to get to work and back on my bike on Monday and not get caught in the heavy rain we had on and off all day.

Even better timing meant that I got the lawns mowed on Tuesday evening after work. Just as I was packing everything away, it poured down with rain again!

Then, in true Richard style, I go and get a head cold just in time for our trip to Scotland! Perfect timing!

With a little luck, and a lot of Lemsip, I should have just about got over the cold (man-flu) by the time we get to see Albannach play on Saturday. It’s looking like we’ll get to see them play three gigs on Saturday - Loch Lomond Shores in the afternoon, Lomond Park Hotel early evening and then the Tullie Inn at night.

Right, time I finished off my packing!

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