23 September 2007

A day at the races...

Oh, that was a laugh! Today has been one of the more fun autograss meetings that we have raced at over the past four seasons, and we even did a bit of winning too!

The two titles that were up for grabs eluded us - Gary hadn’t qualified for the Champion of Champions race, and the car broke a driveshaft in the East Midlands Open - but we did manage a 2nd place in the first heat, followed by 1st place in the next two heats, and then a 1st place in the Class 6 final.

The old MG ZR is starting to look a little tired now.

Fuel always helps!

Quick, cover it up before someone sees!

Just about ready for the off!

The only slight downside to the meeting was Gary having to pull out of the Open final when it was looking like he would be in line for a good 2nd place. The handicap system used to equal up all the different classes made it almost a foregone conclusion that we wouldn’t get the win but when the M219 MG ZR suddenly snaked left and right up the back straight, with around half the race gone, it was clear that something was wrong.

By the time Gary reached the next corner, he was rapidly losing speed and came off the racing line so as not to slow other cars down. With the car back in the pits, a broken driveshaft was found. A bit of a disappointing end to the meeting but not so much that it would detract from the rest of the day.

2nd isn't good enough...

trying the inside line...

up into 1st place...

building up a lead. Another race win.

Ever since Gary returned to autograss racing we have always tried to make each meeting a fun day out and not let things get too serious; most of the time we manage it and today was one of those days when the terrible twins were right on form! Nothing, and no one, was safe today. Everything was turned into a joke, even when one of our mates managed to crash his single-seater special at high speed we could only see the funny side. Well, it’s not everyday that someones fire extinguisher accidentally goes off in their car whilst they are racing and fills the car with so much dry power that they can’t see a thing! Luckily, Ben was fine and could see the funny side too, even if he couldn’t see where he was going!

Ben, just before the "fire extinguisher moment"!

Brussels Sprouts… now there’s a funny thing. Well they were today, but that’s another story! Still not sure how they found their way into the conversation. However it happened, I finished up on the floor laughing so much that my ribs started to hurt again.

"Please! Don't make me laugh! It hurts!"

Oh, and do not mention "cob envy" or I may just start and sulk!

"Hey! How come you get the big cob? And you've got chicken, AND stuffing!"

It's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts!

The heck it is! :-)

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  1. First of all...you'd better explain what a cob is for those of us on my side of the pond or we'll have to use our imaginations as to why his was bigger ;-)

    Great pics you got (as usual) but you do look like you're in pain while laughing. I wanna hear about the brussel sprouts. Glad you got some wins. Sorry you couldn't finnish but it looks like a whole lot of fun :o)

    This is me commenting from Rick's computer and running late for work.