10 September 2007

Trust me to open my big mouth! Only last night I said, on here, that “The problem I’ve had with my side has just about cleared itself up…”. Well, I spoke too soon! This morning I was awoken by a pain that felt just like someone had stuck half a dozen knives in my ribs - and no, it wasn’t Lynda doing it!

I can only assume that I had either lay on my ribs for too long or had twisted my side whilst rolling over in my sleep. Whatever I did it seems to have put me back to were I was a week or more ago.

After spending the first hour or so at work hoping that the pain would wear off, I decided that it was time to call it quits and get myself to the doctors. It turns out that I’ve probably torn my inter-skeletal muscles or something! Basically, the muscles between my ribs are now no longer properly attached, or something! I never did like or understand doctors.

As for me getting better - I just have to take it very easy and “not aggravate” the injury. Err, excuse me doctor! I’ve not exactly been teasing the thing like a dog with a stick! The funny thing is I was told I should be okay to carry on my cardio work and also swimming. I may just give that a miss for another few days though.

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