22 September 2007

The results of my blood tests came back yesterday - the ones that the doctor sent me for, being as they hadn’t seen me in over 10 years! - and everything is more or less okay. The only slight concern was my blood cholesterol level, which gave a reading of 5.5. It’s nothing that I need to be too worried about, so I’m told, but I do need to start and watch what I’m eating a little more.

Five-point-five is the average for people living in England, according to info I found on the British Heart Foundation web site, but is high when compared to some other countries. Apparently, the average for China is just 4.5, so maybe I need to eat more Chinese take-aways!

Tomorrow I will be off to help my mate Gary with his autograss car again. Due to Gary only racing at his home club track this year, and me being away for one of the meetings, this will be only my second meeting of the season. The weather forecast isn’t sounding too good at the moment but just so long as it doesn’t pour down all day it should be a good meeting.

The “East Midlands Open” title is up for grabs and the “East Midlands Champion of Champions” will also be decided. Due to the lack of meetings that we have raced at this season, I’m not sure if Gary will be eligible for the champion of champions race. The “East Midlands Open” title winner will be decided by a series of class races followed by a run-off between the best car in each of the 10 classes on the day. No doubt, whoever comes out on top at the end of the day will have battled through some pretty tough races.

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