02 February 2008

Out with the old; in with the new...

Yesterday lunchtime, Lynda picked up our new car - a shiny black Fiesta Zetec - and said goodbye to our old red Zetec.

Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon also saw the return of Winter, luckily it was only a "one day special" - or at least it has been so far! At just after 3:00PM the skies over Derby suddenly started to darken, the wind picked up and the next thing I knew we had near blizzard conditions for almost half an hour, not the best of weather to take delivery of a "new" car. Still, the snow didn't last too long and by the time Lynda and I left work all trace of the afternoon's snow had gone again.

By the time we arrived home and had then driven into Derby and back for the Battlefield Band gig, the car was no longer quite so shiny! It had turned a horrible grey sort of colour due to all the salt that had been put down on the roads. So, this morning we treated our new little baby to a new sponge and leather and it's first bath. This is the first black car we've had and I can see that keeping it clean is going to be a bit of a challenge!

It cost me a few layers of skin from one of my knuckles but I also fitted mud flaps to the front and back of the car this afternoon so maybe, just maybe, they will help to keep the road dirt away from all that black paint. Black privacy glass isn't the easiest to clean either! Luckily, the blood from my knuckle washed off the alloy wheel, tyre and rear bumper okay! I'm getting to old to work on my own cars now!

Clean again; mud flaps fitted; all traces of blood removed!

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  1. I should have warned you about the hazzards of owning a black car. Just think someone may thing somebody important is behind the wheel with all that privacy glass ;-) They may be right :o) I like it.