02 February 2008

Battlefield Band

The Battlefield Band gig last night was a real treat. The band played for just over two hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. The music they played ranged from slow, traditional folk to fast, upbeat tracks more in keeping with bands such as the Peatbog Faeries or Shooglenifty.

Highlight of the night for me had to be watching, and hearing, the Highland Pipes being played by Mike Katz - the man is simply amazing! The speed at which Mike's fingers were working was mesmerizing - without doubt the finest piper I've seen play so far.

My favourite track was The Road Of Tears, a song about the displacement of people over the centuries. The Highland Clearances, the famine in Ireland, the move away from their sacred tribal lands that was forced on the Native Americans, all are covered in The Road Of Tears.

The next time the Battlefield Band are in the area, I'll be there!

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  1. Sounds like a good band to keep a close eye on. Glad you had a good time :o)