27 February 2008

So, what's next?

So far this year we’ve had heavy rain and flooding, we’ve had a couple of snow days, we’ve had two weeks of freezing temperatures and we’ve had a day or two of gales. There have even been days when the sun came out and it really did feel as though spring had arrived, it was that warm.

After such a mixed start to the year you’d think that nature would have just about run out of things to throw at us but oh no, Mother Nature played her ace card in the early hours of this morning... an earthquake! Not just any old earthquake either, it was the strongest to hit the UK for almost 25 years measuring 5.2 on the Richter Scale.

I can’t help but wonder just what may be next... a hurricane; a tornado; an ice storm or blizzard perhaps? How about a tidal wave on the River Derwent? Or a Tsunami on Alvaston Lake? Another three or four days of dry weather will do for me, so that I don’t get wet on my bike!

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