24 February 2008

This week...

Derby has finally come out of its mini ice age; the temperatures are now back above freezing, even at night. The downside to this is that warmer, wetter weather has now set in. For over two weeks I have been able to use the bike to get to and from work each day but it looks like I’ll have to keep more of an eye on the weather forecast now. It does mean I may get to drive the new car for a change though!

A somewhat stressful few days at work took its toll on my diet this week. Since Christmas I had been managing to lose a little weight each week, nothing too much but I hadn't put any on. This week a bit too much comfort eating saw me put on 4lbs!

Looking back, I think 4lbs is quite a reasonable price to pay for the amount of rubbish I ate! The latter part of the week was the worst... four Muffins in the space of about as many hours on Thursday; a sausage, bacon, egg, cheese and hash brown sandwich on Friday and then another very large sausage and bacon sandwich yesterday morning! Add to that one or two cans of beer and the odd whisky during the week, plus half a bottle of red wine last night, and the calories soon add up!

What should have been a nice easy morning at work yesterday turned into a real headache when I discovered a problem with the fish tank in the showroom. Whilst undertaking a routine water change and filter clean I found that one of the water pumps was not working. This meant that not only was the filter system not working correctly but also, more worryingly, the warm water was not being circulated fast enough. Some of the larger fish were getting rather stressed by the cool water and didn’t look too healthy at all for a while.

Thankfully, after sending another member of staff out for a new pump, and then spending a couple of hours extra at work myself, I managed to get the new pump in place and the whole system up and running again. I quick visit to work this morning saw all the fish looking happy with everything again. I’m not sure who was the most relieved to have everything back to normal, the fish or me! Due to the money the company has invested in the tank, it may well be me!

Please, someone, pass me a beer!

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