02 June 2008

And not a bird in sight...

I’ve just been checking one or two of the reports that my page hit-counter gives me and, over the past week or two, a single word, and also a string of words, has been pointing search engines my way. "Neverland" is the single word being searched; "Doom Garden Jelly Fish Blues" is the phrase being looked for. I guess it’s safe to say then that the world wants to know about the forthcoming Neverland gig at The Strawberry Moon Festival at Tittesworth Water, in Staffordshire, on June 28.

I have to be at work on the morning of the festival but the plan is to drive straight over to Staffordshire as soon as I can get away from my desk. Neverland aren’t on stage ‘til 5:00PM so I shouldn’t have any problem in getting there in time and, if the traffic isn’t too bad on the way, I hope to catch one or two of the bands that are playing before them.

For all of you searching the web for Neverland there’s all the info you need about the festival HERE!

Neverland - Rain Like Stars And The Blues.

Just over a week ago Lynda treated herself to a new camera, a Kodak digital compact, and this evening she had her first real play with it. More and more plants are starting to come into flower in the garden now so Lynda had a go at capturing some of the colour - I think the results are pretty good! I may even hand Lynda the job of providing all the photos for my Blog from now on; then again....

It’s a little early to say for certain but, if the weather is okay, I may well be at my first BriSCA F1 Stock Car meeting in over 15 years this coming Sunday. Peter Falding, one of the sport's top drivers, has a testimonial meeting at Coventry and it sounds like the perfect excuse for me to make a return to watching the sport I used to follow all over the country. If nothing else, it’ll be good to hear the roar of all those huge American V8 engines thundering around the track again.

Stock car on board with Dan Johnson at King's Lynn.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I hope we see more of Lynda's works in the future :-)

    Good luck getting to the Neverland gig. Wouldn't you know that's the weekend of my birthday. Would have been great to see. I hope you make it to your meet.

    Sarah XX