13 June 2008

Night owl...

This evening I’ve been in search of Barn Owl - I didn’t find one! But the evening wasn’t a total loss as I did find a Tawny Owl! If anything I’m even happier to pick up the Tawny, as it has always been a tricky species for me and, to be fair, any owl is great to see. The owl moves my “10-Mile List” on to 124 species.

As you may have gathered by the lack of bird related Blogs here over the past week or two things are rather quiet right now. The passage birds have all “passed”, the residents are all breeding and have been “ticked off” on my list and, if I’m not careful, I’m going to fall back into the “can’t be bothered” attitude that I’ve been wanting to get out of this year. The great start to my birding year really kick-started me again but it remains to be seen whether I can come through this quiet patch with the same enthusiasm! Time will tell.

I am hoping to try for Spotted Flycatcher, and also Woodcock, over the weekend so at least for the next couple of days I have something to aim at. If I’m very lucky I may even pick up an easy Little Owl too - I have a plan in mind for that one!


  1. Are there any owl's at your father's place? I wondered if he had gotten any in the box's you put up. I haven't seen any around here but a couple of months ago I heard one off in the distance on a clear quiet night. I know they exist.
    Get out of your slump and get to birding or I'm gonna come over there and...Well I can dream of visiting England.

    Sarah XX

  2. Hi, Sarah!

    Yes, there are a few owls up at the farm. I'll get an update on how the boxes are going tomorrow!