07 June 2008

Today, I’ve had a day off work and I’ve NOT out been birding! After racing around in search of new birds for my “10-Mile List” for several weeks now, I decided on having a rest day today and let myself have an extra hour or two in bed.

As it happened, I actually had four extra hours in bed and didn’t surface until almost 11:00AM. I think I may have needed to recharge my batteries after all the great birding I’ve had over the past few months - or the kind hospitality of our friends, Paul and Ali, last night may have made me sleep a little better than usual!

We spent a very enjoyable evening with them, and also Rachel and Bethany, chatting and drinking beer in their new conservatory. I also got involved in a rather in-depth discussion with Rachel, who is 6 years of age, over who was the more important character - Winnie The Pooh, or Piglet. In the end, Rachel came to agree with me that without Pooh Bear there is no need for Piglet. Winnie The Pooh is, therefore, a much more important character! Discuss...

Tomorrow, I had toyed with the idea of going to Coventry for the Stock Car Racing but, as is often the case with me, my plans have changed once again. Now, instead of having the roar of all those V8 engines in my ears and all the dust from the track in my eyes, I’m going to church instead! Well, it IS Sunday! You’ll have to come back here again to find out quite what that strange little statement is all about.

* 6:30PM update... the weather forecast for tomorrow looks very good! Clear skies; sunny; 21°c; wind 5mph. Fingers crossed, it should be ideal for the trip to church!


  1. Poor little piglet. Better not let him hear you say he's of less importance. He's ever so small after all. His wee little heart might rupture. I bet Piglet goes to church ;-)

    Sarah XX

  2. I agree with Sarah, please don't let Piglet read your blog.
    He'll always be my favourite!!

  3. You started something big in this house now!! Rachel wanted my opinion and I agreed that Pooh was number one, however if you look round the house or speak to Bethany then Tigger has to be top - and he has his own movie too :-)