17 June 2008

Bike Week update...

As I thought, covering 25 miles on my bike during Bike Week 2008 was not a problem - the ride home from work this evening took my total to just under 27 miles, and there are still five more days of Bike Week left! Quite how many more miles I’ll clock up remains to be seen though as the weather looks like going downhill from tonight with heavy rain forecast.

Using the Everyday Cycling web site to keep track of my mileage has now got me thinking of bigger and better challenges. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the year I can get close to, or even pass, the 500-mile mark. It will depend quite a lot on the weather - not having access to any showers at work means I have to avoid heavy rain - but I may just give it a go.

Whilst on the subject of cycling, I have another little idea ticking over in the back of my mind at the moment... The British Heart Foundation Robin Hood Mountain Bike Challenge. As anyone that has been reading my Blog for the past few years will know, I’ve been taking part in a 17 mile sponsored walk for the BHF for each of the past three years, this year I may do a bike ride instead. I may even do both!

Then again...

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  1. Wether you bike or walk or both I hope the weather behaves for you this year. Perhaps you can talk Paul into biking it with you as well.

    Sarah XX