06 April 2006

H5N1 - Bird flu. Looks like that will be the "in phrase" with the media for a while now!

It has been confirmed today that the Mute Swan picked up dead in Scotland a few days ago did indeed die from the H5N1 strain of bird flu. Tests are also being carried out on a number of other dead swans to see if they too died because of the virus.

I guess only time will tell just how this will be dealt with; we can only hope that the authorities do a better job of managing this than they did the Foot and Mouth outbreak of a few years ago!

The Defra website
gives some useful information on what to do if you come across any dead birds, and also lists their helpline phone number.

As for the rest of my news, well, it's been a week from Hell! I'll be glad when 5:30PM arrives tomorrow and I can forget about work for two days - who knows, if my six numbers come up on the Lottery on Saturday I'll have done my last day's work! I wish!

Apart from trying to watch as much of the US Masters Golf on TV as I can this weekend, the only other thing I have planned is a trip into the Derbyshire Peak District in search of Ring Ouzel and Crossbill. If the weather isn't too bad I may check out a few local sites to see what migrant birds are around.

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  1. The Fluffy Duck07 April, 2006 17:45

    Well..you didn't have to deal with Bird Flu and Chikun Gunya (whatever the spelling is) at the same time !!! Now imagine a chicken being stung by one of those devilish mosquitoes... gheez.. hopefully our government keeps us entertained trying to impose strange laws...
    Your fluffy Duck.... ahem... yes DUCK ... ;-)