02 April 2006

Early start - late finish!

It's still only 1:00PM on a Sunday and I've already been up for over 6½ hours! What's more, I can't see me being in bed much before 2:00AM as it's the Bluehorses gig in Bilston tonight! I'm going to be full of the joys of spring tomorrow, I don't think!

This morning I've been out birding again for a few hours. Before the rain made me head for home, at around 11:30AM, I managed to add another 3 new species onto my Derbyshire Year List - Common Tern, Little Ringed Plover and Ringed Plover. This takes my Derbyshire count for the year to 101. The next couple of weeks should see another 10 or 15 species added to that list when all the summer migrants arrive in the county.

Black-headed Gulls & Tufted Duck at Ambaston.

As for the rest of today... I think it's a pretty safe bet that I'll be asleep in front of the TV at some point this afternoon, after that it will be a steady drive down to Bilston, a beer or two, then the Bluehorses gig!

Tomorrow... I will rest (at work!)

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  1. So? How was the gig? And how's work today ??? hahaha...
    your fluffy duck