28 April 2006

It's been a busy week one way or another! Work was a lot easier than I had expected on Monday with no major problems waiting for my return! It wasn't until Tuesday that I started to uncover some of the things that had been "left for me"!

The gym has been a no no this week, just not enough time! Next week will see a return to the workouts.

This weekend we are away again for a few days. We are going to Sussex with the Derby RSPB Group. Each year the group have a long weekend away birdwatching and this year we are based in Chichester. The hotel sounds OK, it has its own leisure club, swimming pool and, of course, a bar! That will do for the evenings I'm sure.

All we need now is for the weather to stay dry and we should be in for a good time. Talking of the weather... I should have been off racing last Sunday with Gary but yet again, it was rained off. Looks like it could be a short season for us at this rate.

Highlight of the week so far? The new Albannach CD arrived! I only ordered it at around 11:00PM on Monday and it came in the post Wednesday, can't fault that for service! I can't fault the CD either, it's great!

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