13 April 2006

Only 13 more hours at work and then I'm on holiday! Saturday lunchtime cannot come around soon enough; this has been another of those weeks I would rather forget. Work has been a total pain - or should I say - we have again made work a total pain! Talk about creating our own problems, if there has been some way of making the job more difficult then we have found it over the past few days. As for what I'll come back to after a week away, I hate to think!

On a more pleasant note, bird flu has dropped out of the news again. I think it may have something to do with no other birds being found with the virus, that and the fact that the people responsible for running the tests couldn't even get the identification of the dead bird correct! The "Mute Swan" that had died in the Scottish harbour now turns out to be a Whooper Swan that could well have died out at sea or even in another country before being washed up on the coast here. So, its fingers crossed and let's hope that we have escaped H5N1 again - for now!

Is it Monday yet? If so then I should be at Center Parcs!

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