30 March 2006

It's a rain off!

Oh well, so much for feeling good about spring! Sunday’s race meeting was being called off at just about the same time that I posted my Blog last night!

I had been expecting this for the past few days but had still hoped that somehow the track would have stood up to all the recent bad weather. Obviously it has not and with the rain pouring down again as I write this it is probably a good thing that the meeting is off. At least I won’t have to be working on Gary’s car in mud and water like the opening meeting last year!

The only real downside to the cancellation is that when we do finally start racing it will be straight into the qualifying rounds for the National Championships. This will mean that Gary and the car will have to be on top form from the word go if he is to repeat last year’s qualifying results.

With Sunday now being “race free”, I’ll be watching the weather to see if I can get out birding again during the day. More and more migrant birds are coming in to the country each day now so, if we get a dry day on Sunday, I’ll be off out again!

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