12 March 2006

Is it really six days since I last posted? I can't believe where the time goes now - must be getting old!

So, the past week... apart from three trips to the gym there's not been much going on. Well, OK, we did have a little bit of fun on Tuesday.

The heating system at work is not the most reliable of things; even though the building hasn't even been open a year yet! At the beginning of the week it broke down again, yet another visit from the engineer was needed. Said engineer arrived mid-morning Tuesday quite confident that he knew what the problem was and that he would have it sorted in no time.

Two hours later and all the staff and customers were stood outside, in the pouring rain, listening to the fire alarm going off! Heating professional had set fire to some of the insulation in the room that houses the heating/air-con system! No real fire as such, just a lot of smoke that was pulled into the air distribution system and then blown all around the building! Some choice... we either freeze to death without any heating, or burn to death when the heating is on!

The workouts at the gym have gone well again this week, no problems with the knees, managed to get time for another long swim in the outdoor pool on Thursday and also did the "treadmill class" again on Friday. The class was taken by a different instructor this week and was a lot better. The routine was much more varied and at a lot higher level, so I felt as though I'd worked hard this time!

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