27 March 2006

What a difference a couple of days can make; Spring looks to have arrived!

Yesterday's RSPB birding trip to Thetford Forest saw the sun come out and the temperature finally reach something like “warm”. Butterflies even felt as though it was now safe to venture out as we came across five Brimstone and one Small Tortoiseshell along the woodland edge. Migrant birds are now slowly moving into the country but unfortunately, we didn’t find any yesterday!

The new MP3 player got its first try-out yesterday and made the long coach trip to East Anglia, 3½ hours each way, a lot more bearable. I managed to listen to 65 tracks in total - well, almost 65! I did fall asleep through the majority of one CD! This new “toy” will now become a standard piece of kit for RSPB coach trips.

The Haggis saga finally came to an end mid-week. The truth came out when my work mate asked her Mum if they could build a house, and pen, in the back garden so that she could keep a Haggis as a pet! After rolling around in fits of laughter her Mum put her straight on the truth about the Haggis! Oh boy, was I in trouble at work the next day! I’ll be watching my back for a while now, ready for any revenge attack.

We confirmed another holiday this week, a long weekend trip to Center Parcs in the Lake District during June. Just as soon as we, or should I say I, can get around to looking through a few brochures we will also book another 3 or 4 nights in a cottage somewhere in the area to make it into a full week's break. The Lake District is one of those areas that we have been talking of going to ever since we first drove through it on the way to Scotland years ago.

On top of the two holidays already sorted, I am trying to arrange a couple of trips up to Scotland this summer. The first will, hopefully, be at the end of July to the Highland Games at Ben Ledi Park, Callander. This trip will be to see both Albannach and Clann An Drumma play, plus of course, the Highland Games and the scenery in the area. The second trip north of the border will, again hopefully, be to see Albannach play at Stonehaven on the East coast of Scotland.

As well as the holidays that are planned, or being planned, there is also a full season of racing with my mate Gary, various music gigs and festivals, a hot air balloon ride for Lynda’s birthday present and a full programme of RSPB birding trips, including a long weekend away in May. That little lot should keep us busy for a while!

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