19 March 2006

Yet another quiet week comes to an end! I need to find some more gigs or something! Plus, with the weather the way it is I cannot see the autograss season starting on time for me either.

My mate Gary should be racing at his club track on April 2 but I will be very surprised if that meeting goes ahead. The weather is still very cold, and at times very wet, so I am quite expecting the meeting to be "rained off", only time will tell.

Work has been a little more fun this week! The subject of Haggis raised its head again. Now, most of you will know that there is not such a thing as a "living" Haggis! Someone I work with, I'll not name names, has been convinced, by myself, that they are a real creature living on the Scottish mountains! Oh have I played this one for all it is worth!

So far I have been shown pictures of "wild Haggis" that she has found on the internet, been told her favourite choice of colour (I didn't know they came in different colours!) and had to talk her out of trying to buy one as a pet! We have also talked about the sort of things they eat and why they have odd length legs, which, as everyone knows, is so they can run around the steep mountains without falling over! Quite how long this will keep going I do not know, but it could be even more fun when I am found out! Oh, will I be in trouble!

A rare sight! A wild Haggis, with young!

Next week will be another quiet one; gym on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday evening we are going out for a meal with Mark and Sheila so that is something to look forward to. Then, next Saturday, Lynda and I are on an RSPB bird watching trip to Thetford Forest in East Anglia. This will be my first birding outside of Derbyshire this year and should, if the weather is OK, give me the chance of picking up one or two new species for the year such as Woodlark and Crossbill.

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  1. the wereduck that doesn't exist20 March, 2006 08:16

    WHAAAT ???? You mean haggis don't exist?
    Welll mr smarty pants... wereducks don't exist either ! There ! Haha... not feeling so smart now, hey? ;-)