15 March 2006


Back in July last year Lynda & I spent a great weekend down at the Saul Canal Festival. The main reason that we were there was to see BLUEHORSES record their headline gig for a live DVD.

Earlier this week, the DVD arrived! If you like Celtic music of ANY type, or rock music of ANY type, or in fact if you just like GREAT music, go and buy this DVD right now!!!!!! This is one of those DVD's that you'll end up playing time and time again! Filmed, and produced, by a top TV film crew and with sound captured using digital 24 track this is one top class production!

As a bonus, you even get a second "behind the scenes" disk with loads of back-stage footage, interviews, bootleg video clips and the now famous "camp site chair race"! The bruising I received in the chair race has just about gone now!

So, all you need to do now is get your own copy! And that couldn't be easier, just click HERE! While you're on that page you can also have a look at a few free video clips too!

As for me, I've got a live BLUEHORSES gig to look forward to, April 2 at The Robin in Bilston. I'm not a huge fan of Sunday night gigs but I'm not missing this one! This band are riding high and I love being a part of the journey!

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