12 March 2006

Forget Spring for now!

Back on March 1, I thought that Spring was finally just about here - after today, I think we can forget that idea for a while!

The weather has been more like mid December than mid March! The overnight temperature was below freezing again and whilst out birding today I was caught in what can only be described as "blizzard conditions"!

Still, it was worth venturing out this weekend as I managed to add another six species on to my Derbyshire Year List in the past two days. Now, if only Spring would arrive then I could really start and get some good birding done!

This turned into a sleet/hail storm on Saturday...

... and this was the blizzard today! I got caught in both!

1 comment:

  1. Nice photos as usual :)
    If you want spring, fly to France... nice spring weather here! the sunny kind of spring weather, not the hailstormy one...
    Your fluffy duckie