29 March 2006

Goodbye winter!

Today I feel as though winter is finally behind us!

Yesterday evening Lynda and I saw our first Sand Martins of the year, we then chose a cottage in the Lake District, which we have now booked, for our June holiday and this evening I managed to get out birding for over an hour after work. If the rain holds off for the rest of the week, I should be at my first autograss race meeting of the year on Sunday. Once we start racing then it will definitely feel as though spring is now with us!

The brochure photo of the cottage in the Lake District.

The rest of the week will be quite busy one way or another. We will be at the gym tomorrow evening and again on Friday evening, after work on Saturday I hope to be out birding for a few hours before our friends Rob & Jane come over to us. On Sunday, it will either be racing or birding during the day before heading off to Bilston for the Bluehorses gig in the evening. Work had better be quiet on Monday as it will be a late return home on Sunday night!

Things still to do... tidy up all the rubbish on my desk here! Look into places to stay for two trips to Scotland! Find out more about Albannach & Clann An Drumma gigs, which is why I want to be in Scotland! Oh, and look at what music festivals I want to do this year, plus race meetings, birding trips and everything else that I sort of have planned!

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