01 March 2006

Is this spring then?

Today, we managed to get home from work in what could just about be called daylight, the first time this year that I have felt as though we are coming to the end of a rather long winter.

Another sign of warmer days to come was the arrival of my NASA mechanics licence in the post the other day. No, I'm not going into space! NASA, for me, is the National Autograss Sports Association! The licence means that I can, legally, be in the pit area at race meetings this year whilst working on my mate Gary's car. One or two clubs have meetings planned for March 12, if they go ahead remains to be seen, as there is still the chance of snow in certain parts of the country over the next week. The first meeting that I think we will race at is April 2.

Whilst out birding last Sunday, I noticed that quite a few birds had started singing and showing signs of looking for nest sites. Today I saw my first report of a summer migrant, a Sand Martin in Cambridgeshire. Just how long it is before we start and see the first major fall of migrants will depend on the weather, but I think it will be at least another couple of weeks yet.

If we aren't snowed in by the weekend, I'm hoping to have another go at adding to my Derbyshire bird list. Still not a lot around as regards rarities but there are one or two easy ticks that I've not picked up yet this year.

Oh, the KT Tunstall CD - it's a cracking set of tracks!


  1. the fluffy wereduck02 March, 2006 17:36

    Will you still like me if i say i don't like KT Tunstall?

  2. Hey! It's the Fluffy Duck!!!

    OK, so ya don't like KT! No problem! :-)

    Oh, and did you see that James Blunt made No:1 in the States!!!!