26 February 2006

Not as planned...

Well, the rugby was good to watch! Pity that England didn't play as well! I can't remember the last time I saw them make so many basic errors. But hey, it's only a game and at least I had the consolation of seeing Clann An Drumma play live on TV! I'm sure that's why the Scots won the game - all the extra tribal energy that was on the field after CAD played!!!

OK, yesterday I said that today I would either be "chilling out with my CD’s, watching TV or just sleeping! Then again, I may just go and get some of the troubles of the world out of my system at the gym." Well, I did fall asleep for a very short time this afternoon but that was all!

The weather was much better than forecast this morning - no rain or sleet - so, after I'd made breakfast for Lynda and myself, I went off bird watching again. Nothing special, just a couple of hours at Willington Gravel Pits. Best bird of the morning was a superb Peregrine Falcon that was hunting over the main area of water. It made a couple of high-speed attacks on a group of around 800 Lapwing but failed to make a kill.

The walk down to the gravel pits.

The view over one of the pits.

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