13 February 2006

Two easy days...

A weekend off work and what did I do with it? Nothing! And it was great! Okay, so we went out for a meal on Friday night, which was very good I must add, but apart from that, I've not really done a thing!

I stopped in bed until almost 10:00AM on Saturday and then went and did battle with the shoppers in Derby. I only needed to get my hair cut and buy a couple of things but it took me the best part of 3 hours! I HATE going into town! The rest of the afternoon was spent in front of the TV watching the rugby. Another England win. On Saturday evening we went over to see our friends, Rob and Jane, in Nottingham.

On Sunday I did make an effort to go out birding but when I looked out of the bedroom window, at around 7:45AM, it was raining. End of that idea! Back to bed for another couple of hours! The rain continued, in a rather patchy way, for the rest of the day so I watched the Winter Olympics on TV. Such a hard life!

The rest of this week... well, apart from work, it's a couple of trips to the gym and then on Friday evening we are going to see Last Nights Fun, in Belper. We've seen this group a few times now and they never fail to entertain! This is one gig I'm really looking forward to.

Next weekend is Lynda's birthday, so we are going for a meal at The Hunting Lodge in Barrow Upon Soar and then staying the night there. We have The Louis Room booked, all very grand, complete with four-poster bed! On the Sunday, Lynda wants to go walking at Bradgate Park so I'm hoping for good weather!

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  1. Morning Rich,

    I love reading your blog it's always so interesting.