10 February 2006

Great start...

Well, a day can only get better when you start by putting a two inch industrial staple into your finger end! That’s how I started my day! It didn’t hurt that much going in but pulling it back out did – I think it may have been the little “hooked end” that did it! At least the blood only dripped down onto the floor a couple of times, so not much cleaning up to do.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be a little more fun. Tonight Lynda and I are going out for a meal with our friends Mark & Sheila again. This time we’re going up to the Bulls Head at Denby. It’s a late birthday meal for Sheila – her birthday was on Monday – and an early birthday meal for Lynda – her birthday is a week on Sunday.

Not sure what I’ll be doing over the weekend yet; may go out birding again if the weather is OK or, I may have a nice easy couple of days at home as I’ve seen most of my “target birds” that are around in Derbyshire at the moment. I may even finish off sorting all the junk I’ve left all over the spare bedroom after swapping PC’s!

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  1. And if you have some spare time left, how about chatting with a friend on Sunday? ;-)