20 February 2006

Birthday girl...

OK, I give up! I've started this post four times now and still can't get it right! I've got writers block! So.... it looks like the photos will tell most of the story of the past two days!

Our room at the Hunting Lodge restaurant and hotel. The Louis Room was first class - right down to the huge four-poster bed. The food in the restaurant on Saturday evening was equally good, as were the staff and the atmosphere.

Camera balanced on the end of the bed, self timer on, run, TRY and look casual! No! It didn't work with me!

On Sunday we had planned to go and explore Bradgate Park, former home to Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen for nine days following the death of Edward VI, and prior to being imprisoned in the Tower of London, accused of treason and beheaded. Well, we had almost as much luck as she did! The morning dawned misty and damp. By the time we had finished a rather excellent cooked breakfast, it had turned to rain. Bradgate is now to be visited at a later date, when the sun is out!

Sunday evenings see Lynda out with her friends at a local pub quiz, this Sunday was no different, except this week I joined in to!

Lynda and Sheila... don't be deceived by the innocent looks! When these two get together, there's going to be trouble for some one - usually me!

They got me! Trying not to laugh when you have a mouth full of cider makes your eyes sting real bad!!! Quite what I'm doing with my hand I don't know!

Another drink anyone?

Stand up Lynda! The whole pub sings Happy Birthday - including the barman with the microphone!

There will be a follow up to this in the coming weeks, when Lynda gets to take a ride in a hot air balloon, a trip I bought for her as a birthday present.

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