25 February 2006

So, that’s what the Oysterband can do then! Two hours of great music, with a great sound system and lorry loads of attitude on stage! Yep, the Oysterband can rock! I would say that they set the stage alight but they didn’t quite manage that! It did look as though they may at one point - I’m sure that the electric squeezebox of John Jones was smoking away to it's self while it was left on the drum riser! The stage tech. soon moved it away and replaced it with another!!

The music came thick and fast and included many of the regular Oyster tracks… NATIVE SON; ONE GREEN HILL; HERE’S TO YOU; EVERYWHERE I GO; WE’LL BE THERE and UNCOMMERCIAL SONG. There were also one or two tracks that were new to me, but that came as no surprise as it is a few years since I last saw them play.

As usual with an Oysterband gig, the crowd were up for this from the start. From the moment the band walked on stage the crowd were up and bouncing - I love standing gigs!

As for the rest of the week, well, I didn’t make the gym last night! The draw of pizza, garlic bread and a bottle of red wine were too much for Lynda and I, so it was straight home after work and an evening in. Today I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to get out of bed early and go bird watching so, after an hour or so extra in bed, I spent the morning sorting through the piles of paperwork I had scattered all over my desk! I can now see the desk!

Only just over two hours to go before the Scotland v England rugby game; fingers crossed that we get to see Clann An Drumma on the TV! That, and an England win!

Tomorrow, I’ll do whatever the day has in store for me! It could be a day chilling out with my CD’s, watching TV or just sleeping! Then again, I may just go and get some of the troubles of the world out of my system at the gym.

Oh, got the KT Tunstall CD, Eye To The Telescope, today. On it's second play right now and I think this will become a favorite play for me!

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