21 March 2006

Me? Crazy? Maybe!

The weather thinks that it is still winter, so I decided I would go ahead with spring on my own today!

I managed to mow the lawns in the short time between getting home from work and it going dark, about ¾ of an hour! I’m usually the first in the street to get the mower out each year and I’ve done it again - the neighbours will think I’ve gone mad, as it started to snow just as I finished cutting the back lawn! Still, it’s a job done and if the weather stays cold then I can forget about the grass for another month or so!

The Haggis saga is still ongoing at work but I think I may be rumbled very soon, I get the idea that alarm bells are starting to ring with my “victim”! Tomorrow could see it all fall into place!

If I survive work then we are out for a meal tomorrow evening so the half-hearted diet I’ve put myself on will be forgotten for a few hours! Looks like the gym workouts will just have to be a little harder on Thursday and Friday.

Just as MP3 players start to become old hat, and people look for new things to move onto, I’ve finally ordered myself one! Nothing too special, it will hold around 20 CD’s, but it will come in handy for when we are at Center Parcs in a few weeks. I’ll be able to sit around the pool all day, watching the world go by, whilst listening to my favourite music. All I have to do is decide on 20 CD’s. That could take a bit of sorting out!

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