16 May 2006

May 16 2006

So, today...

I've been with my job for a year today! Time sure has flown this past twelve months; it doesn't feel like a year since MG Rover fell apart around us.

The main tasks for this week...

1. Well, I finally found the time to sort out a B&B for our trip to Scotland in July. This means we will be able to go to the Callander Highland Games and also see both Albannach and Clann An Drumma play.

2. The rain held off this evening so we managed to get all the new plants into the garden. Just got a little more summer bedding to sort out and we're done.

3. Gave the gym a miss so that we could do the garden! May go tomorrow! Then again...

4. Racing? There is a good chance that it may just happen this weekend!

5. Do more birding? Err, when?

6. The bird lists will just have to wait, again!

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