10 May 2006

So far I've managed part of what I set out to do this week! Lynda and I went to the gym again last night, the first time for about three weeks. I have also made a start on updating my "Birding Lists" page on here. At the moment it is only my 2006 Derbyshire Year List but it's a start!

Last night turned into another one of those nights again! We had just got home and started to take our gym bags out of the car when my mobile phone rang - it was a friend of mine that was out birding. Within half an hour I was at Aston-On-Trent gravel pits adding Garganey to my year list! So much for getting home from the gym and having a meal and then watching the TV!

This evening I spent an hour out in the garden doing the lawns and a bit of tidying up before starting on my bird lists. Whilst sat at the PC I heard a young Blackbird calling, moments later it appeared on the lawn being fed by the two parent birds. Later, I saw the first bat of the year flying around over the garden - summer must be coming, first young Blackbird of the year out of the nest and then my first sighting of a bat this year!

Now, if only we could start racing....

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