19 May 2006

Yet another weekend, yet more rain! So much for the drought that we are having at the moment! I just hope that the places that are short of water are getting as much of this weather as we are here.

Still very little going on here at the moment. Derbyshire has calmed down again on the bird watching front with very few new birds being found. Work is, well, work! Nothing changes there! Lynda and I have been at the gym twice in the last two days - tonight I managed a 5km run in 27min exactly, a bit off the pace I have done but it is almost 4 weeks since I did a proper treadmill session. Over the next few weeks, I aim to get back under the 26min mark.

Tomorrow Lynda and I are on an RSPB trip to Suffolk. I had been looking forward to this but having seen the weather forecast; I wish I were staying in bed! All we can do is hope that they have the weather for tomorrow wrong, very wrong!

The plan for Sunday is to be at my first Autograss meeting of the year. From what I’m told, the track is in good shape now and the rest of the site is dry enough to get race transporters on to. That could still all change over the next 24 hours of course!

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