17 April 2008

Full of the joys of spring...

They may have taken an extra 24hrs to arrive but this morning the House Martins I wished for on Tuesday night were waiting for me at Alvaston Park lake. The Swallows and Sand Martins of the past few days were joined by two House Martins as they skimmed across the lake in search of food. Whether they managed to find anything on such a cool mid-April morning I’m not sure.

It’s strange but, apart from the Osprey I saw at Willington a few weeks ago, no other sighting has pleased me quite so much this year. In another few weeks House Martin will be a common enough sighting on most of my birding trips, and also on the cycle ride into work, but this morning it was like seeing old friends again. I wonder what they think of the suburbs of Derby compared to Southern Africa? And, am I the only one that thinks they look like tiny Porpoises, with wings attached?

The House Martins were species number 94 on my “10-Mile List”.

With the rain managing to hold off all day today I was able to “play out” for a while after work this evening. I mowed both the lawns, edged, and dug the flower borders over and then filled the bird feeders up, yet again. We may not have the biggest of gardens but being able to get out there again now the evenings are getting lighter is something I enjoy almost as much as my birding. When I win the lottery my days will be more than filled!

Flowering Currant

The front flower border.

Snake's Head Fritillary.


  1. That's because when you win the lottery you will be birding in Indiana :o) Right? LOL! BTW I see little x's where your pictures should be. When you win that lottery and come to Indiana you can help me with MY garden. No I don't have a garden now but I will when you come over ;-)

    You know I'm kidding.


  2. Yes, Indiana is on the list of places to go birding! I want to see a Cardinal!!!

  3. Ya know I think of you and Lynda everytime I see my favorite pair of cardinals at my feeder.