18 April 2008

Nature at work...

This evening I witnessed the crueller side of nature - a Sparrowhawk in action! Just after I arrived home from work one of the male Blackbirds that visits our garden was looking longingly at the empty bird table.

I took the hint and went to put out some fruit for him. Just as I walked out into the garden Mr Blackbird made a big mistake; he flew up onto the garage roof and started to run towards me. Bang! In a flash, he was gone! Taken by a Sparrowhawk!

Now, I know that this is an everyday occurrence but seeing it happen less than 20 feet from me, and to one of MY Blackbirds, wasn’t nice. Okay, double standards here I guess... when a Kestrel took a Starling in the garden some while ago I was impressed to see the small falcon battle for his meal. Was this really any different? I suppose not.

R.I.P. Mr Blackbird.

1 comment:

  1. Rich I know how you feel. I was ever so worried the hawk at our feeders would get one of my favorite cardinals. He didn't. This time. I worry just the same. At the same time I get excited to see a hawk so close to home.
    Talk about nature in action. A friend of ours saw a cute fluffy little white cat with a pink collar walk across a field when out of nowhere a coyote zoomed in for the kill. Little kitty was gone. Somewhere, I'm sure, was a little child wondering why kitty never came home. It's just as well they never learn the horrible truth.