10 April 2008


Yeah, that’s right... it’s the weekend! Lynda and I have now finished work for the week and have a three-day weekend to look forward to.

The week so far...

I’ve managed to use the bike to get to and from work for three days, today I had to take the car so that I could get petrol for the weekend. The weather has been cold and wet at times but the only time it caught me out was on the journey home on Tuesday. The rain had stopped by the time I left work but, foolishly, I chose the long, riverside, route home so that I could get an extra bit of a “workout” and also do a little birding at the same time. In the end all I managed to do was get myself, my clothes and my bike caked in mud! It was fun ploughing through all the puddles though! Sorry for all the extra washing Lynda!

The birding-by-bike hasn’t turned up anything too surprising over the past few days with only Monday evening turning up anything of note... 2 Great Crested Grebe on the river in Alvaston Park; 2 Greylag in a field between the river and the Alvaston by-pass; a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming in the grounds of Elvaston Castle; numerous Sand Martin (tricky getting a count when cycling!); 5 Chiffchaff along the river path and a single Blackcap in Alvaston Park.

So, onto the weekend. In a little under 12 hours Lynda and I will be in the Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs, Nottingham, and we can’t wait! We’ll spend the morning in the spa, have lunch in the Conservatory Café and then, if it isn’t raining, we’ll have a quick look around the village to see what’s new. The rest of the afternoon will be spent messing around in the swimming dome. In the evening we’ll replace all the energy used up on the water slides and rapids by having a meal in one of the restaurants on site.

At some point over the weekend I’d like to get out and do a few hours birding but, if the weather isn’t too good, I may well just have two days of doing very little apart from chilling out. This weekend will be all about unwinding before what looks like being an even more stressful week at work next week - but that’s another story!

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