06 January 2008

And another year begins...

So, this is 2008 then - not all that different to 2007 is it really? We still have to go to work; we still haven’t had that big lottery win (though I did win £5 last night) and we still keep getting another year older. Hey ho! Life goes on!

New Year’s Eve was okay. We ate way too much, had a few drinks, ate a little more and then had a drink or two. The midnight firework displays around us were good again - if you weren’t trying to sleep - but the live footage on TV of the London display was amazing. Not sure I’d have been waiting on the banks of the River Thames from 5:00PM like some people though.

New Year’s Day started rather late in our house - we got out of bed just before 11:00AM. My excuse is that the weather forecast for the day had been for rain so we had decided that we would not go on the walk we have done for the past two years. In the end, the day was mainly dry and bright so we could well have gone out after all. I just hope the ducks at Alvaston Park didn’t miss their feed too much.

The quest to try and get fit has started again this week. It’s been a very slow and gentle start, but I have at least thought about shifting some of the weight I’ve put on over the past few weeks - around 8lbs to be exact! I’ve used the mountain bike to get to and from work for three days and will be back at the gym tomorrow night. The cycling wasn’t too bad and I quite enjoyed the cold, frosty mornings. The ride home in the pouring rain on Friday night wasn’t so good though.

On Friday evening, Lynda and I went to visit Paul, Ali and their two daughters Rachel and Bethany. The past 11 months since Bethany was born have just flown by and she is already turning into quite a little character. I’m not sure but I think she must get it from her sister because Rachel was giving me some wicked looks every time I teased her or made some stupid comment about the DVD she was watching! Then again, maybe they get it from mum! Sorry Ali! Paul… see how I didn’t mention the red wine incident?

After work yesterday afternoon I went into Derby shopping yet again. This is becoming too much of a habit now, I usually hate shops. The search for cheap CD’s drew a blank - nothing that caught my eye - but I did splash put on a laptop PC and a Wi-Fi router. I can now sit and surf the web and send out my e-mails from anywhere in the house, or outside when summer arrives.

The whole Wi-Fi thing turned out to be almost painless and the only little outburst from me was a rather pronounced “GREAT!” when nothing worked at the first attempt. Being the technological master that I am, I did the one thing guaranteed to solve 99.9% of all electrical problems… turned everything off and then back on again! Problem solved! I wonder if Bill Gates knows of that little trick?

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